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it has possession of it

Le 20 novembre 2015, 05:46 dans Humeurs 0

In the autumn my lady went to the seaside in Cornwall, taking Mary as her maid, and escorted by her son. “Will you do for me what I want while I am away? I do not care to be troubled with Picker,” she had said; and Mary replied, as in duty bound, that she would. It is inconvenient to treat a maid as a lady, especially in a strange place, and Mary found that during this sojourn Lady Chavasse did not attempt it. To all intents and purposes Mary was the maid now; she did not sit with her lady, she took her meals apart; she was, in fact, regarded as the lady’s-maid by all, and nothing else. Lady Chavasse even took to calling her “Layne.” This, the sudden dethroning of her social status, was the third mistake; and this one, as the first, was my lady’s. Sir Geoffry had been led to regard her as a companion; now he saw her but as a servant. But, servant or no servant, you cannot put love out of the heart, once .

At the month’s end they returned home: and there Mary found that she was to retain this lower station: never again would she be exalted as she had been. Lady Chavasse had tired of the new toy, and just carelessly allowed her to find her own level. Except that Miss Layne sat in the garden-parlour, and her meals were served there, she was not very much distinguished from Hester Picker and the other servants; indeed, Picker sometimes sat in the parlour too, when they had lace, or what not, to mend for my lady. Geoffry in his heart was grieved at the changed treatment of Miss Layne; he thought it wrong and unjust; and to make up for the mistake, was with her a great deal himself.

Things were in this position when Lady Chavasse was summoned to Bath: her sister, Lady Derreston, was taken ill. Sir Geoffry escorted her thither. Picker was taken, not Miss Layne. In the countess’s small household, Mary, in her anomalous position — for she could not be altogether put with the servants — would have been an inconvenience; and my lady bade her make herself happy at the Grange, and left her a lot of fine needlework to get through.

Leaving his mother in Bath, Sir Geoffry went to London, stayed a week or so, and then came back to the Grange. Another week or two, and he returned to Bath to bring his mother home. And so the winter set in, and wore on. And now all that has to be told to the paper’s end is taken from diaries, Duffham’s and others. But for convenience’ sake, I put it as though the words were my own, instead of copying them literally.

a scion of the aristocracy

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Twenty-eight crushing mills find good employment, the value of whose machinery is estimated at no less than 166,200l.

We struck the township just at nightfall, and the lights glimmering in the windows and the sounds of revelry issuing from the different drinking places had a very homely air Hong Kong Military Tour. ‘The Only’s’ eyes began to twinkle, and he breathed hard in anticipation of the drunken orgie that lay before him. Evidently he knew his way about, for following his directions we found ourselves in what was no doubt intended to be the stable yard of a genuine township hotel. One or two impoverished horses stood forlornly about, and as we entered they looked askance at our animals, as much as to say, ‘Where do you come from, and what do you want? If you think you are going to get any of our food you are very much mistaken.’ Unshipping our packs we carried them into our rooms, leaving our horses to a shock-headed nigger styled by courtesy ‘the groom.’

It was a long ramshackle wooden building this hotel, and just bristling with trade. Every room was crowded, and the bar was a perfect pandemonium. Those who had money spent it recklessly and ostentatiously; those who had not, obtained liquor on credit with as little noise as possible.

‘The Only’ was in his element, and inside of five minutes was the bosom friend of every man in the room. By midnight he was too drunk even to remember that he was. They are good wholesome drinkers in Georgetown, and he was just the man to take advantage of such an opportunity.

The talk was all of gold, gold, gold, nuggets, crushings, new claims hong kong business registration, etc., and from my own experience I am prepared to say that there was not a man in that room who, according to his own account, would not have made my fortune for a five-pound note. Sometimes they fought, but it was about some mining matter; sometimes they shed tears, but it was about some mining chance just missed; and when they laughed you might have staked your hat it was at something connected with their interminable employment.

A great deal of the country around Georgetown is under cultivation, nearly three hundred acres being market gardens. Maize seems in particular to thrive excellently, but when we were there an awful drought had set its finger on the land, and agriculture was for the time being played out.

After a stay of two days we had our horses run in, and, noting that the scarcity of grass and water had not much improved their condition, paid our bill, bade ‘the Only’ an impressive and alcoholic farewell, and passed out along the track to Croydon.

Four days later we were in the latter place offering our horses for sale, and when this was accomplished we placed ourselves and our baggage aboard the train, and set out for Normanton Hong Kong living culture, ninety-three miles distant.

Meditation time

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Fireworks time flies, years fragrance, light cut a shade of mortals misty rain, the incoming water, listening blossom flowers. Time, light with a paper world of mortals softly, a pen and ink, a pen and ink, natural and optional, a beautiful, classical, elegant and zen, free and easy, see the ebb and flow reenex , listening to the wind rain, tasting life discourse, whistle, the world of rapidly changing QingJian.

The world of mortals misty rain. Life is like a play. We all play a different role in the play, and deducing the meet and rub shoulders, clutch and emotions. Your singing, I come, I have to leave, but you pass by. Life, ado, helpless, there are ups and downs, twists and turns, is what we cannot predict, but we can in a safe, peaceful, normal, calm heart to smile, don't be hard on yourself, don't embarrass others, time is on the move constantly, all will be along with the smoke cleared, close to the end, with no intention of, can only increase the worry, because everything has its own destiny, very easygoing along with the gender as well.

The silent world of mortals, sometimes tears should one try, road must a man walk. Sad, don't expect someone to die for you that no tears, because only myself, only myself, a heart truly put down, can across sad river, clouds of the sky, let sunshine is aspersed full, full of warm, dispersed thin cool, light up the darkness, and reach the deepest soul of the soft reenex , adjustment state of mind, then, tell yourself, be strong.

The boundless universe, earthly midgard, wind and rain life, many things happen every day, often nine times out of ten as the thing of meaning. Met with failure, bumpy, don't, don't lost, don't worry, don't worry. How much sorrow, because of much sorrow, will only increase the sad and helpless, which happened also back to less than once upon a time, even if things worse to the point of not in bad, also want to brave to accept and bear, then turned around, a shallow smile to the life, at the next intersection, never won't have the number of full bloom and the sunshine, is waiting for you!

Person's life, is a kind of good and bad experiences. Good is good, not good is sharpening. In line with the happy life, ordinary life, the principle of serious work, to be lifted in the tired, let take unlined upper garment, let yurun heart and believe that the fragrance in the eyes, the butterfly come; If the heart, sweet self.

Regardless of years vicissitudes of life, how to change, no matter the world how cool, how warm and cool, I only know that complex life, simple, like a ray of light sweet, quietly taste, slowly relief. Midgard, not jing not pleased, as past rays of clouds in the same calm, leisurely. Heart has landscape, landscape nature; Wheatgrass in the eyes, improves the fragrance.

Some affection, only use beloved, know the real taste. Some things, only really done reenex , will not regret in mind; Some road, only way, to life, body not YiShun exactly; Some truth, only understanding attentively, bosom, the day is how rich, how wide is the sea, to have more wide, therefore, has a vast mind is most important, understand tolerance, be kind to others, treat yourself, cherish every ray of sunshine, twist a smile, the face of life, life will be splendid flowers, qingyuan continous sweet time.

Fireworks, life world of mortals dream. Don't let time in a hurry, years deeply. Suddenly, life geometry, time change, and the left who can't stop, who also won't go away. After the prosperous, is still a piece of dust on the floor, one thousand years. The wind fallen petal numerous, intelligent soft hand touch, like fireworks, oh to repulse, moments of aestheticism, frames into eternity.

Sitting time and light on fireworks, text ferry, fine goods. The years vicissitudes of life, to taste the torrential rain, the feeling of life, and tasted the goodness of life. Learn to smile every day, the past and distracting, blend in a bit of autumn QingJian scenery of the heart, light red buckish, heart, to warm, sunny haze.

Through time picture scroll, the day, in a hurry, warm, romantic, satisfied and content. Early in the morning, your light language, wake up the sweet dreams, I open my eyes, your forehead, your smile, your hug, is the day I most happy aftertaste. A cup of warm water, a wisp of fragrant rice, it is the hardest thing in the world the most pleasant real earthly fireworks. Simple feelings in the most ordinary life, the ordinary experience the most real emotions. Wipe with a warm, in ordinary comprehend the true meaning of love, simple but elegant, let heart QingJian; Let the life is simple, zen; Let the life so much, you can.

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