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How long it takes to cook soup

Le 23 November 2017, 11:03 dans Humeurs 0

From the perspective of healthy soup, soup time is learned. Healthy diet experts suggest that only soup time is appropriate to make the nutrients in the ingredients better release to the soup. Here's to tell you how long it takes to cook soup.


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Soup often choose protein-rich animal raw materials, preferably with cattle, sheep, pig bone and chicken, duck and so on. The practice is: first wash the raw materials, wok once enough to add cold water, stir with boiling, then switch to a small fire for 20 minutes, skimmer, add ginger and cooking wine and other spices until the water reboiled after use Keep the fire boiling for 3 to 4 hours, so that the protein in the raw material to dissolve more, milky white soup, can be solidified after cooling soup boil home.


Many people like small fire soup, and a pot is a whole day, that the nutrition of such food to fully dissolve into the soup. In fact, there is no scientific basis for this practice. Studies have shown that a modest increase in soup time does contribute to nutrient release and absorption, but too long will cause some damage to nutrients.


In general, the material soup with meat and other foods containing higher protein based. The main components of protein amino acids, if the heating time is too long, the amino acids are destroyed, nutrition but lower, but also make the dishes lose their flavor should be. In addition, the vitamins in food if the heating time is too long, there will be different levels of loss. Especially vitamin C, easily damaged in case of heat, almost almost 20 minutes after cooking. So, after a long time soup, although it looks very thick soup, in fact, with the evaporation of the soup, but also took away the essence of rich nutrition.


So, how long is the soup suitable? In the study, we selected three typical foods for soup: hooves, grass chicken and duck. After testing found: hoofang soup protein and fat content in the heating half an hour after the gradual increase in protein heating 1.5 hours, up to 45 minutes fat heating up to maximum; chicken and duck soup protein content after heating 1 hour Basically unchanged, the fat content rose to its highest when heated for 45 minutes. The study concludes that the average nutritional value of the three kinds of foodstuffs is highest for 1-1.5 hours of heating and then gradually decreases.


For the general meat, can follow the above principles. But also some food, soup time needs to be shorter. Such as fish soup, fish more delicate soup time should not be too long, as long as the soup burned to white it, and then continue to stew will not only nutrition will be destroyed, the fish will become old, thick, poor taste. Some people like to put ginseng and other nourishing herbs in the soup, because ginseng contains ginsenosides, boiled for too long will decompose, lost the value of replenishing, so in this case, the best time to soup is 40 minutes. Finally, if you want to put vegetables in your soup, you have to wait for it to be cooked with the soup to reduce the loss of vitamins.


The above is about the tips in the soup. Experts suggest that soup should not only pay attention to the heat, time is also very important. Different types of soup, the soup time will be different. So, if you like soup, make sure you have the right time to soup.


it has possession of it

Le 20 November 2015, 05:46 dans Humeurs 0

Mung bean soup is a healthy soup, it has the effect of cool summer heat, suitable for summer drinking. But experts also want to remind you that everyone's physical condition is different, not everyone is suitable for drinking green bean soup. The following analysis from the perspective of a healthy diet, inventory can not drink green bean soup There's excellent quality vape pen cartridge at wholesale rates is available at online stores and they are with ceramic body and leak proof seal ! Different product series like pre-heat battery are also available now. .

1, is a cold physique should not drink green bean soup


Cold physical fitness, manifested as cold limbs, fatigue, waist and legs cold pain, diarrhea and so thin.



Instead of eating mung bean will aggravate the symptoms, and even lead to such as diarrhea (severe words cause dehydration), stagnation of blood caused by muscle soreness, stomach cold and spleen and stomach caused by chronic gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases.


Drink bean soup can prevent heat stroke, food poisoning, etc., on the edema, hot thirst, heat diarrhea, pox virus also have a certain effect. But the cold physique, weak or positive medication, not suitable for drinking.



2, frail people should not drink green bean soup Looking at Hong Kong hotel list and promotion? GuangDong Hotel always provides different specials for our guests. We provides fully furnished rooms with various in-room facilities and amenities.



Because mung bean protein content than chicken, macromolecular protein needs to be transformed into small peptides under the action of enzymes, amino acids can be absorbed by the body. Such people's gastrointestinal digestive function is poor, easily lead to diarrhea due to indigestion.




3, fasting can not drink green bean soup 


Do not drink when fasting, mung bean soup cold, fasting drink on the stomach is not good.


The crowd described above, not suitable for drinking green bean soup. If you are one of these people, you should eat mung bean soup carefully. Experts suggest that even if you are suitable for drinking mung bean soup, if too much to drink at one time, it will damage the stomach, which needs your attentionthe lancet .


a scion of the aristocracy

Le 4 August 2015, 06:05 dans Humeurs 0

Twenty-eight crushing mills find good employment, the value of whose machinery is estimated at no less than 166,200l.

We struck the township just at nightfall, and the lights glimmering in the windows and the sounds of revelry issuing from the different drinking places had a very homely air Hong Kong Military Tour. ‘The Only’s’ eyes began to twinkle, and he breathed hard in anticipation of the drunken orgie that lay before him. Evidently he knew his way about, for following his directions we found ourselves in what was no doubt intended to be the stable yard of a genuine township hotel. One or two impoverished horses stood forlornly about, and as we entered they looked askance at our animals, as much as to say, ‘Where do you come from, and what do you want? If you think you are going to get any of our food you are very much mistaken.’ Unshipping our packs we carried them into our rooms, leaving our horses to a shock-headed nigger styled by courtesy ‘the groom.’

It was a long ramshackle wooden building this hotel, and just bristling with trade. Every room was crowded, and the bar was a perfect pandemonium. Those who had money spent it recklessly and ostentatiously; those who had not, obtained liquor on credit with as little noise as possible.

‘The Only’ was in his element, and inside of five minutes was the bosom friend of every man in the room. By midnight he was too drunk even to remember that he was. They are good wholesome drinkers in Georgetown, and he was just the man to take advantage of such an opportunity.

The talk was all of gold, gold, gold, nuggets, crushings, new claims hong kong business registration, etc., and from my own experience I am prepared to say that there was not a man in that room who, according to his own account, would not have made my fortune for a five-pound note. Sometimes they fought, but it was about some mining matter; sometimes they shed tears, but it was about some mining chance just missed; and when they laughed you might have staked your hat it was at something connected with their interminable employment.

A great deal of the country around Georgetown is under cultivation, nearly three hundred acres being market gardens. Maize seems in particular to thrive excellently, but when we were there an awful drought had set its finger on the land, and agriculture was for the time being played out.

After a stay of two days we had our horses run in, and, noting that the scarcity of grass and water had not much improved their condition, paid our bill, bade ‘the Only’ an impressive and alcoholic farewell, and passed out along the track to Croydon.

Four days later we were in the latter place offering our horses for sale, and when this was accomplished we placed ourselves and our baggage aboard the train, and set out for Normanton Hong Kong living culture, ninety-three miles distant.

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